Conceited – [Flo Milli]

Female rappers have always had a place in the world of hip-hop, but it seems like it wasn’t until the past few years that they truly started to branch out and get the respect that they so rightfully deserve, and I am so beyond excited at the fact that the world finally woke up and realized that this isn’t just a man’s industry by any means. While people have known about the incredible talents of Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, and others for quite some time, there are so many other emcees who are making their claim for the throne, and I think Flo Milli is someone who could very well take the crown for herself sooner rather than later.

Her performance this past weekend at the Summer Smash was absolutely insane and it further solidified my thoughts on her stardom, but she seems like she’s the type of person to never get complacent even slightly, and her latest single “Conceited” proves this point over and over again. Produced by Fyre, Trinidad James, and Kosine, this record features an instrumental driven by heavy percussion with a playful melody that leaves the door wide open for Milli to go in whichever direction she pleases.

In turn, she displays bars full of personality and spirit, letting her words come off as aggressive as they are confident, and it’s a delivery that only she can pull off so effortlessly. In the track’s accompanying NAYIP-directed music video, Milli continues her dominance in a slew of vibrant, colorful scenes that are filled with a bunch of other people, but there isn’t a single moment throughout where she is anything less than the star of the show or the center of attention, making it yet another display of her unignorable charisma and individuality.

This single comes with the announcement of her debut album You Still Here, Ho ? which serves as a follow-up to her acclaimed mixtape Ho, Why is You Here ?, and if one thing’s for certain, it’s the fact that Milli is going to bombard you with bars that will leave you personally attacked, but feeling like you deserve it at the same time. So, don’t waste another second and make sure you check out Flo Milli’s latest and greatest release “Conceited” below.