COMPLICATED – [Whethan] ft. [aldn] & [8485]

I always talk about how producers deserve so much more recognition for the sonic landscapes that they bring to life, and I think that this should be even more so emphasized in the world of hip-hop. Beatsmiths like Zetra, Glasear, angelus, kimj, vvspipes, umru, and literally countless others have been pushing past all of the boundaries that the music business once had in place to create some of the most distinctive and out of this world sounds just so that the emcees they work with can push the limit as well, and I think that this is something that can never go overshadowed.

As for Whethan, he evades the hyperpop label because he is a producer who can do so much more, but the fact that he is able to include hints of this subgenre alongside so many other styles of music makes him one of the most talented hitmakers in the entire scene, at least in my own personal opinion. After working with many different artists, Whethan has become a staple on my playlist and his latest song “COMPLICATED” with aldn and 8485 is just another track that I instantly added as soon as I listened.

The instrumental is simply infectious thanks to a baseline and loud, powerful synths, which is a base that the two artists that accompany Whethan use as a proverbial catapult to boast some impeccable parts throughout. In the John Rizkallah and Cade Laranang-directed music video, we are given even more creativity as aldn is the main subject in what appears to be a science experiment that Whethan is working on with a few other researchers.

After they teleport him to an empty field in the middle of nowhere, aldn seems to get confused and delusional to a point prior to 8485 coming onto a screen to sing their portion right before aldn falls lays down, closes his eyes, and ends the experiment once and for all. In all honestly, there are times now and then where I hype up a song that I might have not actually listened to had it not come across my screen, but this is seriously one record that I am legitimately all-in on. So, although I’m not surprised whatsoever, Whethan added yet another smash hit to his arsenal once again with “COMPLICATED” and you need to check this one out immediately.