Compensating- [Amine] ft. [Young Thug]

Although it was never officially confirmed until today, considering Amine had released a couple of songs recently, fans were alluding to the possibility that he had to have been working on some sort of project. While certain artists will just release loosies that are never going to be found on cohesive works of music, Amine has never seemed to truly be one of these people so when he drops more than one song within a certain period of time, you know something has to be on the horizon. In all honesty, I’m not as familiar with Amine as I should be considering every time I hear one of his songs, I make a mental note to check him out further and simply forget, but I think his most recent song is the wakeup call I desperately needed.

This hit is called “Compensating” and not only did he recruit Young Thug to accompany him on a track for the first time ever, but he also announced that it will be another single off of his newly announced album Limbo, which is set to officially release on August 7th. The production on this hit includes vivaciously bubbly percussive elements, high-pitched, sliding, West Coast-inspired synths, and roaring 808s that are absent at the start but come in during the first verse in order to add such a necessary bounce to the track. All in all, the different instruments and sounds within the beat come together and offer such a beachy, summer vibe that is going to be essential at any barbecue or backyard party from here on out. As far as vocals are concerned, Amine begins singing the chorus as soon as you press play. He full-on sings in a higher pitch than he would ever use to rap as he adds a bit of emotion and almost sorrow to the otherwise upbeat record.

When he comes in for his verse, he opts for a much more detached, straightforward delivery where he lowers his vocal pitch and boasts straight-up bars. After this, there seems to be a bridge of sorts where Amine finds a middle ground between the styles he utilizes in the hook and his verse, singing his lyrics but not quite raising the intonation of his voice nearly as much as he does in the chorus. This part might be my favorite of all the portions Amine spits because it just plays along with elements within the beat in such a happy go lucky, attractive fashion and I just selfishly wish he extended this part a bit more. When Thugger comes in, his delivery is a bit higher and more sporadic than usual, but I’m a huge fan. He speaks his lines in a rapid manner before extending certain words at the end of some of his bars, but you can just tell the amount of fun he’s having with this single. Thug’s not trying to show a hostile or aggressive side at all, but rather a much more fun-loving, playful disposition that is unique and individualistic, both of which he has become known for throughout his tenure in music.

In all honesty, I knew Thug was going to kill his verse before I even heard it because he has been featured on some tropical, island-like songs in the past that were similar to this, and he destroyed his verses every time so I’m not shocked that the same thing goes for this offering as well. As far as the different narratives that are covered within their lyrics, each artist seems to recognize their previous deficiencies in regard to the relationships that they’ve been in, in the past. In order to compensate, as the title would suggest, they go into all of the details of how they dealt with these insufficiencies, recognizing their mistakes but never truly apologizing for them in the end.

When it comes to Amine’s music, he just has this lively and vigorous disposition that I’ve always admired, but I’ve continued to sleep on for some reason. I feel as if I still might not have paid much attention had Thugger not been on this track, but I can’t say how pleased I am that I actually gave it a shot because Amine once again proved my ignorance to be unacceptable. I think that the duo also worked so well together because they both are truly dynamic and have a plethora of different styles that they’ve utilized throughout their careers, so they both have the chance of bringing different sounds to the party which is evident throughout this song’s duration. While Limbo still won’t be here for a little more than a month, that gives me plenty of time to catch up on all of the previous Amine music that I was missing out on, and you should too if you’ve been sleeping as well. If you’re not quite sure, just give “Compensating” a listen and I’m positive it’ll invigorate you and make you want to dive deeper into his discography as soon as you get the chance.