Company – [24kGoldn] ft. [Future]

Just about 2 months ago, 24kGoldn shook up the music world once again with the release of his debut studio album El Dorado. While many of his features and random singles showed his progress and transition from when he first started out to how much he has learned and all of the time he has spent perfecting his craft, this was all showcased on El Dorado in the best possible ways. Obviously, the massive success of “Mood” helped bring him more into the mainstream eye, but I still firmly believe that even without this career-boosting feat, he would have found himself in the spotlight either way eventually.

With so many bangers on this album, it is almost impossible for me to choose which song is my favorite over the others. While I can’t claim one exact record as that’s like choosing your favorite child, I have to admit that “Company” featuring Future was definitely one of the frontrunners for me personally. While I’ve been bumping this record somewhat religiously since it dropped, I was beyond excited to find out that the duo teamed up with Daps to shoot a music video, and it’s as insane as the song itself.

In the beginning, the camera pans around an overly luxurious bedroom as Goldn lays in bed with lovely ladies tending to his every need. If you’re having trouble picturing the scene, just think of Eddie Murphy in Coming to America when he’s at his kingdom back in Zamunda, and that should give you the right idea. As he walks around, gold accents decorate the entire mansion as other women throw rose petals in front of every step he takes, and it’s obvious that he is royalty in this record.

While Future raps, he sits around a bathtub with a couple of women as well, reciting his bars masterfully and casually. Out of nowhere towards the end, we’re transported to a rave where Goldn and a plethora of ladies are covered in neon body paint as black lights illuminate their decor while they go crazy dancing the night away. Amongst all of this, my favorite shot has to come when Goldn and Future are simply sitting on their couch, but what I like about it is the fact that everyone around them is blurred as if they’re moving at a speed that’s ten times faster than the two artists, leaving us with an awesome effect that truly captivated my attention.

If it wasn’t obvious already, 24kGoldn is an absolute star and every single move he makes just seems to emphasize this point exponentially. As far as El Dorado is concerned, it’s 13 songs and almost 37 minutes of pure entertainment, and it shows just how far he has come in the few short years since he started making music. With only 4 huge features, Goldn does an incredible job of carrying the brunt of the workload on his shoulders without any lulls or stale moments, and I seriously couldn’t be happier for him and all the success that he has coming his way. While we continue to run up the numbers on his debut album, you’re not going to want to miss out on the brand-new music video for his song “Company” featuring Future, so be sure to check that out below.