Comfortable – [Koran Streets]

Koran Streets is one of the best rappers in California right now, and if you don’t believe it, well, listen to his most recent album You. Know. I. Got. It. Hailing from Berkeley, Koran is a master of turning pain into inimitable, illustrative verses, and today, he’s back on Lyrical Lemonade to show us this exact talent with a new video for “Comfortable”. As described in the premiere of the video with FADER, Streets explained:

“In my search for comfortability in life, I found myself going to dark places and doing things I knew were wrong, but for a good cause. I wanted to tell a story about the lengths we’ll go to to be comfortable in life, and the consequences of our decisions that we have to live with.”

The music video displays this story to an emphatic extent, translating the storytelling aspects of the song onto the big screen with seamless chemistry and providing fans with one of the CA native’s finest releases to date. I could go on about this one all day, but check it out for yourself below and follow Koran Streets on Twitter here to stay updated!