Come Inside – [Lou Phelps] ft. [Jazz Cartier]

If you’re in search of the perfect song to soundtrack this weekend, look no further than Lou Phelps’ latest offering, “Come Inside”. Produced by his older brother, Kaytranada (yes, you read that right), and featuring fellow Canadian artist Jazz Cartier, this groovy single is a dance-infused anthem that is nearly impossible not to run back. Each of the three artists delivers a standout verse in their own respect, and by conjoining their infectious deliveries with one another in such a perfect atmosphere, “Come Inside” takes the cake as one of the best new singles I’ve heard as of late. The video does it justice, as well, transforming Lou Phelps into a talk show host as he brings the energy to the screen with ease. I could go on about this offering all day long, but be sure to check it out for yourself below and follow Lou Phelps on Twitter here!