Come Alive – [Taylor Bennett] ft. [TheHxliday]

Over the past handful of years, few artists in Chicago have remained at the top of their game as Taylor Bennett has. While many people might’ve come for his music because they had to hear what Chance’s little brother sounded like, they stayed for years and years because it was clear that talent was a common theme in the Bennett family and Taylor was giving Chance a run for his money more often than not.

Just before the weekend, Taylor dropped off an unexpected yet much-appreciated collaboration with Baltimore native TheHxliday called “Come Alive”, and while I never really thought of these two talents sharing a record together, they did an absolutely remarkable job. Although I was bumping the track all weekend, when I saw that they decided to team up with Goood Dylan to direct a music video in the city that Taylor and I both call home, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. Although Goood Dylan is a relatively new director and editor on my radar, I have realized that he uses lots of specific, unique animations that are somewhat similar to fellow videographer Lonewolf, yet Dylan puts his own spin on these intriguing edits.

After checking out the video in its entirety, it has to be one of my favorite visuals out at the moment. It might not have any crazy moments or storyline like I typically enjoy, but the duo basically takes us on a tour of the Windy City as they cruise around the streets in a convertible, vibe out on a boat on Lake Michigan, and display this beautiful place that is known as Chicago. Aside from this, though, some of my favorite shots come inside of a film studio where the two talents hang out in the midst of a bunch of cardboard cutouts of themselves, adding an inventive and captivating spin on an already awesome music video.

Although I might’ve missed out on the initial rush for this song when it came out late last week, after it was out for just a few hours, I saw people exclaiming that it was the most undeniable song of the summer, and that’s literally the best way to describe it after I got a chance to listen. It has a bit of a pop-punk aesthetic with electric guitars and things of that nature, yet it has an optimistic, upbeat disposition that is sure to brighten anyone’s day or get any function bumping all summer long. So, with that being said, make sure you check out Taylor Bennet and TheHxliday’s brand-new song “Come Alive” as well as the music video that complements it ever so perfectly.