Comb My Hair – [Pretty Boy Aaron] ft. [Tesia] [BRUHNICE]

Dallas-based artist Pretty Boy Aaron had been teasing his newest song on Twitter for months, and while a short snippet could only give away so much, the infectious disco-inspired guitar riff and poppy hook previewed in the video had loyal fans and new listeners alike urging Aaron to hurry up and drop “Comb My Hair”. This week, the songwriter decided to release the song in its entirety, and the full version only capitalizes on the song’s potential for addictive bubblegum fun.

Aaron has made his ability to blend genres a consistent characteristic of his music. His 2017 project ’Stay Pretty’ mixed indie-rock guitar riffs, pop melodies, and rap verses to fully capture the breadth of his style. On some tracks from ‘Stay Pretty’, he goes full Mac Demarco (there’s actually a song called “Blac Demarco”), and on others, he’s spitting bars over grungy, boom-bap production (see “North”). “Comb My Hair” feels like a step forward for Aaron: it’s without a doubt his catchiest song to date and his most polished in terms of vocals and production. The track also escalates with a feature from Brooklyn-based artist Tesia, who lends her mesmerizing vocals on the song’s hook, entrancing a listener as she floats by.