COLORMAN: RED – [Kye Colors]

Kansas City, Missouri might not be known for its world-renown music scene, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any gems down in KC. Kye Colors, a Kansas City talent who has been making music since the age of 15, might beg to differ from my original thought considering he has managed to build a dedicated fanbase with his innovative approach to production and dynamic live performances. Coincidentally, he shares the same initials as his home city, but he is also one of the most exciting emcees to keep an eye on.

Luckily, Kye recently dropped his highly anticipated EP COLORMAN: RED, the first in his new COLORMAN music series that will showcase moments throughout the last three years of his life. The EP is a fusion of traditional hip-hop and R&B with classic and modern production techniques that highlight the artist’s unique style and sound.

Kye’s vision for COLORMAN is to take his listeners on a trip through his mind, divided up into a sequence of releases that highlight some of the major moments throughout the past three years of his life. In the press release that accompanied this first installment, I found out that Kye’s goal for the EP series is to put his progression on full display while showing listeners that he’s only going to continue trending upwards as he continues to break through barriers and mash together genres into one unified variety of music that he can call his own.

COLORMAN: RED opens with “PHIL COLLINS”, a catchy single that was released last year which actually led to a partnership with Kye’s current management and label, Wasteland Records and LVRN. “IN THE DARKNESS”, a slow-burning track that highlights Kye’s raw vocals and more gritty style, was also a single that was released prior to the overall EP, but it is just too good not to mention once again.

COLORMAN: RED might be just 4 songs long, but this handful of records spans almost 14 minutes long, so he makes sure to take his time and include as much of his diverse skillset as he can. It’s certainly an impressive debut for Kye’s new music series, and fans can look forward to the rest of the EPs that have yet to release. I’m not sure when to expect more installments, but I can only assume that they will share even more of Kye’s unique style and sound.