Cold Feet – [Poo$ie][NOOK][Les]

I’m always here for some Oakland material, so when my homie reposted this new joint “Cold Feet” on my Twitter TL, I had to tap in.

I’d heard Poo$ie before and recognized his talent, but damn his work has taken OFF since the last time I’d listened. In collaboration with up-and-coming Oakland stars NOOK and Les, this track is a certified heater that will only continue to propel these talents upward.

Produced by Cam Cortez, “Cold Feet” has an uptempo, bass-boosted beat that provides a blank canvas for the bay area trio (who actually went to High School together) to glide over effortlessly. Starting with NOOK, who’s currently making waves in his city with his distinct sound, we see the energy of the three from the jump, with a raw verse that draws listeners in with aggression and unfiltered bars.

“I’m touchin’ everything movin’, you better bolt it down.”

To follow, Les pipes in himself with a verse that keeps the audience captivated through witty one-liners, unique delivery, and a vocal tone that can’t be mimicked. 

“Can’t let ’em trick me out my spot, I ain’t even in my prime.”

To seal the track, Poo$ie capitalizes off the other verses, adding his own distinct flavor and delivery that’s garnered him heavy traction and a growing name in the industry that I think will be a household one in the near future. The flow switch-ups, lyricism, and emotion that you can feel make this verse spark, and you can see why his music is starting to do numbers. 

“Got 22 shots, this ain’t no stock, let a n**** play if he want.”

The visual, shot by Shooter7Seven is simplistic and raw, precisely how it should be with a track like this. Beyond the multiple camera angles, he uses rhythmic transitions and creative shot styles that make the video immersive, keeping the viewer engaged while also allowing the song itself to do the heavy lifting. 

I’m hyped to see what these three Oakland products continue to create and would love to see their names collaborate together on more pieces in the future as well. Poo$ie dropped his LP Still Ain’t Easy this year, a project I encourage y’all to check out. 

Get acquainted with Poo$ie, NOOK and Les before you’re late, with their newest track and visual, “Cold Feet,” on YouTube below!