Cold – [Delto]

In a music landscape that practically begs for artists to diversify their sound in as many lanes as they possibly can, acts are constantly looking for new and unfounded ways to stick out and flaunt their talents through numerous different methods. It certainly is not the key to success in modern music, but it absolutely is a notion shared by the most esteemed and era-defining acts that are set to take over the future of this art form.

In saying this, it is truly fascinating to overlook such a promising figure as they continue their journey in attempting new sound after new sound — each offering being as good, or even better than the last. And in the case of Noheart’s very own rising star Delto, that sentiment is being played out at its most vivid level yet in our current times.

The outstanding talent on both production and on the mic has been doing her part in crossing every single path that the rising Internet-based music scene brings with it, resulting in amazing offerings that all take up a different sound, style, and overall approach between each other. The latest single in this string of releases entitled “Cold” carries on this methodology with ease, and in doing so, it ends up being arguably the absolute best offering that Delto has yet to come through with in itself.

Rather than following some of the more heavy-handed and entirely-involved compositions that she has become known for on production, this track sees Delto finding serene grace in the art of simplicity. The uninvolved, yet infectious instrumental sets the stage perfectly for this idea to come to light — what with its glistening and addictive main riff combining with its straightforward percussion choices as the only main features it has in store.

But Delto utilizes all of this given space to go above and beyond in her magnetic performance on the mic, coming through with one of the absolute best hooks of the year as she confidently delivers her entertaining wordplay with such ease. These descriptions even extend to the short verse that breaks up the two choruses, which ends up resulting in a final product that is ideally brief for its ever-so-simplistic nature.

Delto has essentially crossed every single path she possibly could up to this point in her career, but with her status rising with each successive release, collaboration, or otherwise, only time will tell before yet another dynamic moment happens at the hands of this remarkable talent in the future.