Cold Beer Diet – [Ryan Charles]

Western rapper Ryan Charles hails from the valley of Buffalo, WY. Similar to his hometown, once referred to as the most lawless town in America, Charles brings a style all his own by meshing the cowboy lifestyle with the flow and soundscape of 2000s rap. The visuals take on a Western country theme and it’s a nice cinematic shot video from director Emma Kate Golden. Like the record, the video is also pretty comical, creating a good lighthearted aura around it. If you like music that isn’t so serious and that you can throw on and have a good time “Cold Beer Diet” is a record that you will enjoy. Ryan Charles stated via email that “”Cold Beer Diet” is the best song ever. You can get off work, go by the store and grab a case of beer, call up your friends, put that song on over and over again, and just get hammered. When you wake up super hungover on Saturday morning, fight through it, grab some more beer, start day drinking, and just play the song until you can’t handle it anymore. It’s gonna be awesome.

Watch the video for “Cold Beer Diet” for yourself after the break.