Cold Baby – [Solomonluvbugs]

To quote the now-retired Ichiro Suzuki, “Kansas City in August is hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock.” KC native, Solomonluvbugs, says otherwise on his new single “Cold Baby.”

The Lyrical Lemonade newcomer explains that, even in the Summer, Kansas City can be cold, portraying some of the darker aspects of life in the Killa City. Despite the bleak, cold, subject, the song has an inviting feel set off by a chiming yet dense beat from stonesneighbor that gives off subtle twinges of a tropical, summery vibe — perfect for Solomon’s unique flow. Additionally, I really dig the way he bounces atop the beat and the inflection he uses to stress certain words and syllables; definitely helps draw you in and build that light, catchy feel.

No word on what exactly it is, but Solomonluvbugs did tease something entitled S.O.S which is “coming soon,” so keep an eye on him if you dug this one. In the meantime, listen to “Cold Baby” below!