Cola Coca – [Zelooperz] x [Kenny Mason] x [Dilip]

Coming off the back of the successes of their two respective albums released earlier this year, Zelooperz and Kenny Mason unexpectedly link up over a legendary sample flip brought to life by decorated producer Dilip. The LA-based producer has had a fundamental role in expanding the textures and pushing the limits of modern-day rap, quietly pioneering the sound behind the evergrowing Alternative/Experimental Rap genre. Dilip has been on a prolific roll since 2017, and with contributions on tracks like this, it doesn’t seem like he’s anywhere near slowing down. 

At this point, Dilip’s production credits are nearing the length of an iOS update’s terms of conditions agreement. His eccentric sound naturally has him gravitating towards collaborating with avant-garde artists who are experimenting with making music from new angles. As a result, his fingerprints are all over rap’s contemporary sonic evolution. Dilip brings an incredibly eclectic palette of sounds to the table, enabling his collaborations to reach far behind the status quo of what the tiring or played-out ‘pop’ sound is currently offering.

 I first stumbled across Dilip’s work all the way back in 2018 with tobi lou’s track, Troop, featuring Smino, a boundary-pushing song that truly set the tone for Dilip’s unique sonic trajectory going forward. Since then, he’s continued his prolific contributions to the emerging scene with rising artists like 454 and industry veterans like Danny Brown and even Jhené Aiko. On top of all of that, Dilip executive produced one of my favorite projects of the year with Paris Texas’, MID AIR.

On his most recent release, Cola Coca, Dilip masterfully flips Smoky Robinson & The Miracles’, Much Better Off, which is famously known by my generation for being sampled on A$AP Rocky’s legendary track, Jukebox Joints. Dilip infuses an infectious energy into the song from start to finish. He resurrected the vintage sound with a new sense of life, spawning from spores of low-end cuts, drum fills, and booming 808s. The layered instrumental is tailored to the millimeter for Zelooperz’s characteristically addicting flow that pierces through the mix thanks to his unapologetic energy and unique vocal inflections. Kenny Mason’s verse simply blindsides you with a lightning-quick 16, featuring lyrical gymnastics articulated with a hypnotizingly smooth delivery. This track came out of nowhere – and although it’s brief in length – it’s easily one of my favorite tracks of the year. Tap in with, Cola Coca using the links below!