Coke Wave – [Da$H] x [Curren$y]

For a decade and some change now, Da$H has been the prolific provider of deep-cut classics, tallying up a legendary discography accompanied by an immense aura of respect surrounding him and his art coming from those who have witnessed him carve out a generational sound and maintain it authentically throughout the years. Da$H’s distinctive brand of music tales a long troubled past of ducking vices, raising a glass to triumphs, and exploring the luxury of still standing through an intoxicating blend of looping instrumentals and introspection delivered through his signature raspy tone. Unsurprisingly, his most recent album, SKREWFACE 2 – the second iteration of his legendary SKREWFACE release – delivered on his continued consistency and provided stand-out cuts off the album like, Coke Wave, featuring long-time collaborator Curren$y resulting in a track overflowing with scale-tipping artistic substance.

Da$H’s art has played a fundamental role in molding my taste after I stumbled across his track, Whalé, a few years after its release while dragging through middle school. I was captivated by his confident flows and abrasive delivery that was juxtaposed with the honesty in his pen, which candidly told stories of loss, failing the ones he loved, and confronting the idea of mortality. His unique approach to music resonated with broad audiences seeking sincerity paired with a new boundary-pushing sound. This resulted in him being one of the most influential artists spearheading the sound, aesthetic, and ethos of the ‘blog-rap’ era that flipped the entire industry on its head, and the Jersey-raised emcee hardly gets enough flowers for his contributions to the game. His authenticity and unreplicable work ethic emerge above the surface of substances – a life raft of sorts – that has aided him in maintaining his cult fanbase, relevancy, and respect in prominent conversations throughout the tidal waves of change that rap has endured since his emergence all the way back in 2011.   

The release of SKREWFACE 2, materialized a mosaic of Da$H’s signature sounds through a diverse collection of tracks that stay true to his early sound, and his track, Coke Wave, is an undeniable representation of his prowess. With the help of top-shelf sampled production provided by Whitey Bulger, Da$H and Curren$y share a hazy recording booth to create another successful chapter in their long history of collaborations. Da$H graffitied the luxurious instrumental with thoughtful lamenting over losses and details the weight of his anxiety that bears upon him as he runs from losing everything he’s built to a quick death that is all too familiar to him. Moreover, Da$H articulates his inner battle fighting the perpetual cycle of loss and coping through his measured delivery, while Curren$y brings it home with a potent 16 of boastful anecdotes that spill over the looping saxophone. The track’s addictingly laid-back disposition has run a monopoly on my queue as of late, and the collaboration’s sonics and message delivered in every regard. Tap in with, Coke Wave, using the links below!