Coffee – [Playyard]

I don’t know how they do things, now, but back when I went to college, they had us fill out a 10 question survey to help determine housing arrangements as if good roommate chemistry can be identified through a few formulaic questions; needless to say, it didn’t work.

Call it chance or call it fate, but something in the UCSB housing algorithm worked for Michael Sack and Henry Morris. The two freshman roommates came together in 2018, turned their room into a studio and began making music under the name Playyard. Now they make their Lyrical Lemonade debut with “Coffee,” a song about the reliance. It’s a fitting title, and not just because of the dependency we have caffeine. With Morris’ feathery vocals draped atop a minimalist (yet effective) string-driven backdrop “Coffee” has a mellow, airy feel that would fit perfectly in a coffee-house soundtrack.

Even in their early stages–“Coffee” is just their second release–Playyard has developed palpable chemistry and carry an almost effortless “feel” that has translated into a fresh, unique sound. Looking forward to more