Codeine Dreams – [Nigo Chanel] x [Angelus]

In any pop landscape – past or present – the idea of making your artistry nothing short of infectious at all times is arguably one of the most defining facets that an act in this light could and should incorporate into their sound. This essentially comes down to how one makes their mark on a song through a variety of ways, whether that’s their sheer entertaining presence on the track itself, or even just how catchy and/or memorable that very performance is.

To say that Nigo Chanel has practically mastered the art of infectiousness would even be selling someone like him short. Time after time, this rising act has proven to drill his inescapably resounding style into the heads of any and all listeners that have come to experience his music, and in taking in all that he has to offer on the mic from a pure and utter entertainment standpoint, it stands to reason why this is the case through his sound alone. 

With his newest single “Codeine Dreams” — he has yet again proven this fact in an incredibly vivid fashion. Nearly every single angle that this song takes results in nothing short of a brilliantly addicting and memorable offering when it is all said and done.

Nigo’s refrain sticks out the most on the track, due almost exclusively to how catchy and addictive this hook truly is. Its pure simplicity does nothing else but elevate it that much further into this all-too-appealing status that it exudes, and his accompanying verse follows the exact same methodology in the process.

Angelus follows up Nigo with a guest verse of her own — and just as any of her other verses have dictated in the past, her appearance her is just as entertaining as her contemporary’s; she exceptionally matches Nigo’s energy throughout the entire song via her understated yet animated tone and delivery.

These two deliver these incredible performances over a 4am-provided beat that does nothing else but provide an ideally atmospheric background to accompany the thematic elements that this song comes with — what with its dreamy and almost otherworldly status throughout.