Coco Puffs / pickyafaceup – [whiterosemoxie]

I have gone into heavy detail over the past few years about how much I admire Detroit’s whiterosemoxie, and just when I think I couldn’t enjoy his releases any more, he manages to outdo himself time after time. He just has this unignorable quality, and even though he doesn’t seem like he’d be obnoxious or an attention seeker in real life, it’s almost like he gets behind a mic and turns into a completely different icon, making him someone you can’t overlook no matter what.

He’s not strictly entertaining, though, because his talents are abundant and he never fails to push past what fans may expect from him and innovate which seems to be a quality that only a handful of renowned artists can manage to pull off as well as moxie. A few weeks ago, moxie sent through his latest EP entitled HABITS, a 7 song effort that is about 18 minutes of pure energy, emotion, and excitement. Since first getting the chance to listen, I haven’t looked back and I now consider it a staple in my Spotify shuffle, especially his song “Rulor” with BIGBABYGUCCI and his solo endeavor “off_Yew”.

Aside from these smash hits, he also released a couple of videos to accompany other songs on the project, so even though I’m just now writing about his gudvbrtn-directed flick for “Coco Puffs” and the visual for “pickyafaceup” directed by gudvbrtn again with some help from Jay Cribbs, you should know that they’re two records I’ve been playing back to back regardless. The first motion picture shows moxie in the heart of New York City as a voicemail from his grandma plays, asking him to call her back amidst all of the chaos that his rockstar lifestyle entails.

In the other video, which is my personal favorite of the two, the emcee heads to the forest where purple smoke bombs fill the air as a picture-in-picture style shows various clips randomized to show off even more of the young sensation’s personality. While I certainly hope for more music videos in the near future, moxie hasn’t disappointed me yet, which is why I am proud to call him a friend, and why you need to tap in with the rising Detroit star ASAP!