Coco Miyaki – [Opal] Ft. [Sunny Moonshine]

It doesn’t take long to get entranced by Virginia-based artist Opal’s latest track. On “Coco Miyaki,” the up-and-coming vocalist delivers more of the experimental, rhythmic ear candy she’s been sharing on Soundcloud over the past year. Premiering the track on Pigeons & Planes, Opal explained “Coco Miyaki” as a “tough girl song,” and her intentions become clear as soon as her first vocals cut through the mix. She delivers lyrics with cold effortlessness, rapping “when I pull the clip out, I don’t miss.” Followed by bursting gunshot sound effects, it’s hard not to catch “Paper Planes” vibes. As she blends lyrics that portray a lavish lifestyle with call-outs that criticize unoriginality, Opal seeks to distinguish herself by crafting her own sound. Helping her in the process are producers Hank Irving and Sheffield Sounds, who supply a lively, glitchy beat for Opal to flow over. She also recruits fellow Virginia musician Sunny Moonshine to polish off the track with yet another layer of sheer badassery. Stream “Coco Miyaki” above, and keep an eye out for a project from Opal in the near future.