Cocky Business – [Duke Smith]

As Memphis continues to cement its name among hip-hop hotspots across the country, Duke Smith is looking to capitalize. His first single “Cocky Business” released December 17 and is loaded with potential.

Duke is an incredibly gifted and raw talent who’s taking advantage of social media and snippets to gather a following before entering into the industry. Being just his first single, “Cocky Business” is incredibly impressive. Flawless timing and rhythmic style is the first thing any listener will notice, and Duke’s capability and natural talent in that sense is obvious from the first few lines.

“The way I’m coming kinda cocky, but this not a stunt. You make me feel like you want smoke how ’bout we roll a blunt.”

The track features a high-paced instrumental dominated by melodic strings and heavy kicks, which complement Duke’s raw ability to place hard-hitting lines in just the right place. His flow switch-ups are refreshing and show his unique versatility throughout, as he raps about times of struggle and controversy.

I’d be very interested to see how Duke uses his talent going forward, as there’s multiple points in the song where he switches his vocal tone and shows listeners that he’s got tonal talent as well. I’d love to hear a track where he incorporates some additional singing.

Don’t miss out on a rising star, with Duke Smith’s “Cocky Business,” on Spotify below.