Closer – [Pastel Papi] X [Half Moon Bay]

If you haven’t heard of Pastel Papi, you’re about to.

The South Central Los Angeles-based rapper, singer, producer, and photographer (there’s more that he does, but it’s a long list) gives listeners a savory and sentimental summer vibe with his latest offering, “Closer.” The song is the introduction to Pastel Papi as a character and an artist. Formerly known as ICreateShit, the first verse is from the perspective of a player (from the voice of ICreateShit). Whereas, the second verse is written from a more introspective, romantic, and poetic stance from the voice of Pastel Papi.

Produced by Pastel Papi and frequent collaborator Don Diestro, the song contains reggae and tropical drum breakdowns that get any listeners swinging their hips. With a soothing and memorable chorus sung by Half Moon Bay, “Closer” is an absolute must-listen.

Listen to “Closer” here:

Words by Barry R