Close-[Eric Ryan]

Eric Ryan made it onto our pages back in February for his groundbreaking ballad entitled, “Soleil”. From the moment I heard his angelic vocal talents, I knew that I’d be a life long fan of Eric’s. Today the 23-year-old Canadien artist is making it back onto our publication for a stunningly beautiful track entitled, “Close”. If there was ever a time to reconnect with a past lover or hold tight to the one you have right now, make sure that this song is playing in the background. I’ve sat back and tried to gather my thoughts when it comes to this piece, but may mind is racing from the sheer perfection of it.

Throughout the verses, Eric Ryan serenades the listeners in the most soothing way possible. The song just puts your mind at ease as the meticulously crafted production creates an ambience that materializes as peaceful energy. I advise everyone to hop in their car at midnight and turn this track on. As you ride down the road, allow yourself to be immersed in the amazing atmosphere that this song boasts.

Close is a song you need to experience. It’s not just good enough to listen to it. Allow yourself to be overcome by the four minute track. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below to “Close”. Give it a listen and share your thoughts with us afterwards!