Clinton Hill – [KOTA the Friend]

KOTA The Friend is someone who has slowly ascended into a position where he is the writer of his own destiny. Having amassed a large following and critical acclaim for his previous album, EVERYTHING. Kota finds himself still an independent artist who has no chains on his creative boundaries. With the limitless possibilities he finds himself with, he decided to drop a new project entitled, “Lyrics to GO, Vol. 2” on Sunday. An embodiment of sentiments, the album provides introspection into Kota’s mind while keeping a short runtime, clocking in right around fifteen minutes with ten songs a part of the project. These shorter musical endeavors allow him to say exactly what’s on his mind without anything extra.

Alongside the project, he released the first visual component of the album, in a video for Clinton Hill. Kota keeps along the lines of his previous videos for the Lyrics to Go Project, with a single still accompanying the record playing. It’s not always that less is more, but in this example, the video really allows for his message to shine as he talks about being a role model for the children in his neighborhood and having to stay humble now that he is successful. The upbeat melody partners well with the track fusing together a pop-like feel with incredible wordplay and clean-cut bars. Definitely take a short time of your day to check out the new work down below.