Class of 1995 – [Yianna]

It is truly my pleasure to present for the first time on Lyrical Lemonade, Yianna. The Brooklyn-based artist radiates confidence and a clear tie and respect for the sounds of 90s Hip Hop, R&B, and Motown. This fruitful combination finds itself on full display on her new nine-track album, Class of 1995. Although this is far from Yianna’s first release, her new album does sound and feel like the culmination of hard work with a heavy emphasis on refinement. 

Opened by the starry spectacle of “Big Tittier Girl,” Yianna kicks off her album with flare. An orchestration of live instrumentation, jazzy tempo, and resounding vocal performance from Yianna sets an impressive precedent for the remainder of the album. The overwhelming crescendo of the intro record patiently decrescendo’s into the down-tempo of “Groove With You.” Exemplifying the song’s title, funk-fueled guitar chords create a steamy experience for listeners as the singer-songwriter blissfully entrances you through soaring vocals.

Progressing through the bounce of “Mom & Dad,” Yianna displays her skills in balancing soul-laced vocals with a grimier rap cadence that adds an honest tone of defiance to each syllable. The tone and tempo of the album are lowered in the proceeding songs, “When I’m Loving You,” and “Crazy.” Yianna’s sequencing decisions on this album feels incredibly calculated as we peak and dive through a balanced variation of upbeat record’s and more down-tempo performances, all while simultaneously keeping true to the overall theme of soulful 90s hip-hop inspired identity.

The album’s final stretch of song’s, “Out of The Box,” “Some Girls,” “1-800-Superhorny,” and “Before The Internet,” although all different in their own right still maintain a steady mixture between Yianna’s singing ability and her unwavering confidence. In totality, each song delves into the second-guessing nature of the human spirit while ultimately concluding an unshakeable self-confidence in self. Class of 1995 is Yianna’s internal dialogue; discussing topics such as love, sex, rejection, and fulfillment. The journey is texturized by compelling production and awe-inspiring vocals both from a singing and rapping perspective. It’s hard not to fall in love with a project that feels as lush as this, making its revisit value immensely high. 


Listen to Class of 1995 by Yianna below.