“Clap” – [YHIM]

Brooklyn’s YHIM dropped his latest track, “Clap,” a high-energy banger that’s set to ignite dance floors and get folks moving. Teaming up with platinum producer Hugo Black, YHIM looked to create an infectious feel, and you can feel it from the beginning. The beat and flow are vibrant, with YHIM delivering his verses with confidence and emotion. This track was crafted with the purpose of getting people moving, and it succeeds brilliantly in doing so.

YHIM’s versatility as an artist shines through in “Clap.” While it’s undoubtedly a party anthem, his wordplay and flow showcase his abilities far beyond that. It’s a track that bridges the gap between the traditional hip-hop sound and the contemporary vibes of the genre’s new era, all while blending in signature sound that you can only find in NY.

As a rising rap act, YHIM is making all the right moves with “Clap.” It’s a track that leaves listeners buzzing, generating momentum with audiences prior to his EP release this fall.  Check it out below!