Clan Way 3 – [BlueBucksClan]

Los Angeles has always been a breeding ground for innovation in terms of music. I don’t know if it’s the constant sunshine, the fresh air, the ocean views, or what it is, but if you look back to the very beginning of hip-hop’s origins out West, there is always someone pushing the boundaries and making something that you’ve never heard before. Now, I can’t claim that all of BlueBucksClan’s music is completely brand-new or a style that others haven’t attempted, but I can say with the utmost confidence that no one has done it quite as effortlessly or impressively as Jeeezy Obama and DJ have.

For the past few years, they have been steadily climbing the ranks of the West Coast music scene, and while they have just begun their nationwide supremacy, they have been piling up notoriety from publications like Pitchfork, XXL, and Complex as well as co-signs from many artists, the most notable of which is probably Drake. While it appears as if this success has been off of various singles and tapes dropped throughout their tenure, I think that the next step towards success comes in the form of Clan Way 3, their latest album that will surely carry them into another bracket of accomplishments.

Clocking in at right around 47 minutes long, these 18 songs all combine to share the duo’s undeniably intoxicating wordplay and off-the-wall, intriguing cadences that are what make them more unique than anything else in my eyes. Being a duo means they can play off of one another and set each other up to be great, and that is something they take full advantage of on each song on the effort. Obviously, 18 songs are no quick hit, but the fact that they only include two guests (CashKidd and Jeremih) means that they didn’t want to pollute the project with too many outsiders so they could command a certain cohesiveness that makes really ties everything together.

I do love Jeremih’s inclusion, though, because his tuneful style livens things up and diversifies the sounds you experience on the third installment of the Clan Way series. All in all, BlueBucksClan has already proven their worth in the LA music scene’s history books, so now it’s all about reaching different audiences and showing everything that they can do is worth tapping in with. After listening to this album, I am confident enough to say that they’re not only worth listening to, but they’re a tag team that is essential to any West Coast music fan, so get in tune with their brand-new project as soon as you find a spare 45 minutes in your busy lives!