City Girl – [Franchika]

Chicago just might be the greatest place on earth, but the reasons extend far beyond the beautiful city itself. Sure, I may be a little biased, but I would never let that leak into my writing because I pride myself on being as honest as possible because, at the end of the day, my opinions would mean nothing if I just lied for no reason at all. I just always try and highlight Chicago musicians as often as possible because I want the whole world to understand just how insanely brilliant they are, and they make my job easy because not only is there a never-ending pool of creatives here, but they are always pushing the boundaries to show just how different they are from the countless imitators that take over this industry.

Franchika is someone who has been a favorite of ours at Lyrical Lemonade for years, and even though her music isn’t the style that I typically tend to gravitate toward, I am always left speechless at just how skilled she is, so I never waste an opportunity to tap in with her latest releases. Just the other day, she dropped a song called “City Girl” produced by VerySpecialEd, and it might be much more soothing and relaxed than other songs that I usually listen to, it is a change of pace that I welcomed with open arms from the moment I pressed play.

With a pulsating drum line and an intoxicating melody, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect base for Franchika to build off of with her indescribably flawless voice. She just has this graceful flow to her notes that seems to ooze confidence without trying too hard to make that the focal point of things, giving this natural elegance to her lyrics that shine bright, no matter what beat she decides to use.

Although she seems to keep herself calm and unphased by anything but the words she is singing at the moment, she does a remarkable job of utilizing her eye-opening range, stretching notes with ease while running the entire spectrum of pitches that couldn’t be any more appealing to me, personally. Franchika is one of the most gifted singers in Chicago, but considering this city is filled with the best musicians in the world, at least this is how I see things, that means that she is one of the best artists out there, and “City Girl” is certainly not a song you’re going to want to miss out on whatsoever.