Citrine-[Alé Araya] x [aisu]

Citrine was created in a room filled with all women, and all women producers. To be able to provide the feminine perspective in a field so often dominated by the male ones felt refreshing & captivating. I’ve had so many girls reach out to me and tell me how connected to the song they feel. We just made it as a vibe to dance to in my garage, but I realized it was doing something so important, blending cultures and underrepresented perspectives to the forefront of culture” – Alé Araya

Alé Araya is on a roll. The LA artist and Latina multi-instrumentalist has released four excellent singles this year; all of which not only check the boxes, but uniquely fit within their own respective [stylistic] categories. “Citrine” is Araya’s latest single, which is a bilingual dance anthem produced by an all-women cast of Sara Kawaii, Alé, and aisu. The track is sonically stunning from start to finish, and is led by Alé’s melodically vibrant R&B vocals. Thanks to aisu, the chorus is in Turkish, and Sara Kawai’s harp + beat contributions provide an additionally refreshing sound layer to the groovily electronic production. Not only is Alé Araya an undeniably creative and inventive artist, but she’s also an extremely well-spoken individual as highlighted via her song-quote above. Araya is well-aware of her target [women and queer-focused] audience, and I invite listeners outside of said audience to support her and vibe out with me to her exceptional music. Listen to “Citrine” below!