Circles-[The Lost Boys] feat. [2 Man Embassy]

The Lost Boys have been an evolving DJ duo who I’ve had my eye on for some time now. Back in 2018, their song “Sober” took the internet by storm and is now sitting at a whopping two-million streams on Spotify alone. Since then, Andy Mueller and Brett Beaudette have rolled out a plethora of original singles and amazing remixes of songs that you definitely know. In a genre like Electronic, anything goes, and the Lost Boys have created a name for themselves by playing by their rules and creating the music that reflects their innate creativity.

To follow along with their stellar singles, The Lost Boys just recently dropped a brand new offering that is worth your ear. The latest track called, “Circles” is classic Lost Boys style. Meaningful lyrics surrounded by tasteful production that will get you on your feet until the song is over. What’s best about this new one is that The Lost Boys tapped in fellow duo, 2 Man Embassy to add their own flare to this well rounded piece. I was able to get some insight as to how this collaboration came about and Andy from The Lost Boys explained:

“Blake Martin and I from 2 Man Embassy were enjoying a friendly game of Call of Duty when I started playing the unfinished song in the background and he was like “yo what was that?” and I was like, “It’s my new song” and he said it was really dope, “you should let me write to it”. Then he sent me a hook within the hour and it just got moving from there; so yeah shoutout Activision for making this happen…if you see this, bring back Gun Fight Tournaments.” 

Some of the best songs happen in the most interesting ways and “Circles” just so happens to be one of them. If you like energetic tracks filled with dynamic production, this is the one for you. I’’m bias, but The Lost Boys and 2 Man Embassy have my vote for favorite up and coming Electronic acts. Take a listen to this new one and let us know what you think!