circa – [Low.bō]

Maryland has been the birthplace of many of my favorite up-and-comers over the past few years. For the state to be as small as it is and have more of a focus on crabs and Old Bay than the arts, you’d be very surprised to know that there’s a tremendous amount of musical talent that the state produces on a consistent basis. Fortunately for us, that trend has yet to stop and today’s guest, Low.bō is evidence of that. After initially taking interest to Low.bō’s music last year with his single, “Venus”, my fandom for the now New Jersey-based rapper has continued to grow immensely from one release to the next, so I’m thrilled to welcome him to the site today to give Low his well-deserved Lyrical debut. 

Putting his talents on full display with his debut EP, “circa”, Low.bō, takes us on an introspective journey showcasing his vulnerable storytelling approach and almost Brent Faiyaz-like gracefulness within his vocal texture and harmonies. A project with a tremendous amount of transparency and honesty, in “circa” we hear Low.bō find understanding in how to cope with the issues populating his life. Incorporating a somewhat laid-back sonic approach to most of the songs, records like “navy” and the outro “sunsetta” standout to me for their ability to gracefully pave the road for your mind to escape to for just a few minutes at a time. Picking up the pace a bit with “fallen angels” and especially “early grey” with tomteahouse, Low.bō offers an extremely well-balanced project with “circa” that I suggest any R&B fans to check out.