Church – [Tommy Ice] ft. [Guardin]

Tommy Ice has long been one of my favorite underground artists for more reasons than one. He has perfected his craft throughout his years in music, proving that he’s not just a threat behind a mic considering he often produces many of his own hits as well. His dexterous abilities have helped him shine through brighter than other artists in the scene because he has the uncanny ability to sound great over all different styles of production. Due to the fact that he produces himself, he is able to walk the fine line of pushing himself out of his comfort zone while also giving himself a chance to still remain consistently brilliant on all sorts of instrumentals, so I think it’s this variety that he shows off that keeps fans on their toes and helps him continuously add new sounds to his sonic repertoire.

Most recently, he decided to team up with the New York-based singer Guardin for their brand-new song “Church”, and I was blown away with the results. Guardin was an artist I was previously unaware of, but after hearing this track, I’m excited to see what other music he has brought to life because his voice is truly individualistic and unique, bringing this song to new heights unlike ever before. Once again, Tommy co-produced this record with the help of Lokel, and the two bring an R&B-inspired instrumental to life with an incredible acoustic guitar melody and some clean percussion that comes into the picture soon after Tommy begins to spit.

When he does begin to recite his bars, there is basically no vocal effects on his voice whatsoever, and although he might not have a voice as flawless as some other singers, this provides a feeling of innocence and purity to his lyrics unlike ever before. The raw emotion behind his minimalistic delivery levels up the clarity in the production, giving this song a feeling as if there was another version of this track that was now gifted an acoustic rendition. His delivery is somewhat simplistic, but this gives him the ability to get his thoughts out in an unphased or unaltered manner, making sure that his message is heard loud and clear. When Guardin comes in, his voice is a bit more melodious than his counterpart’s, but he remains consistent with the cadence that Tommy first set up.

Guardin’s voice comes off as somewhat raspy and nasally, and although this might not sound appealing to some, it’s these natural qualities in his vocals that truly set him apart from virtually any other singer you can think of in the best possible way. As he makes his way throughout his verse, he raises and lowers the pitch of his voice effortlessly and emotionally, sometimes almost stuttering his words to stretch out different notes and provide even more of his own personal touches to the record. Tommy goes outside the original boundaries he set within the hook in his verse, delivering some additionally impressive cadences while heightening the tone of his voice even more throughout this portion of the song and getting additionally emotive with his words than ever before in this offering.

Although Tommy’s voice might not be flawless to some people, it’s the imperfections that truly help me connect with this song more than anything else. You can tell that he has this passion and expressiveness that attaches to each note he sings, and this reminds me of what Tyler, the Creator said when speaking on his vocals on Igor. Tyler knew that he didn’t have an absolutely immaculate voice in most of those songs, but his lyrics had a special connection to him, and having someone else sing those lyrics or talk about those narratives just wouldn’t have had the same effect. I feel like the same goes for Tommy here because the topics he delves into hit close to home for him and hearing him speak on these things means so much more than it would if he tried using a different style or if he even got another, more typical artist to bring his words to life. Once again, Tommy’s deftness on this track proves that he’s one of the most multifaceted artists in the entire underground music scene, so he’s someone who needs to be on your radar if he somehow wasn’t already. “Church” is the title of Tommy Ice and Guardin’s magnificent new offering, so make sure you take some time today to check out this wonderful record below.