Chrono Trigger – [Tommy Richman]

Tommy Richman is an artist who I was told about a handful of months ago, and because he is still on the rise, it is somewhat difficult to find out more information on him. This kind of adds to his allure, in my opinion, because his very unique music is nothing like I’ve heard recently, and seeing how versatile he can be makes me realize that I don’t need to read interviews and articles to know just how talented he is as an artist. Nonetheless, The Virginia-based talent is never taking his foot off the gas and that has led to some of the most incredible music out right now.

Although I don’t normally write about this style of music, I’m a big fan of it regardless, so when I saw that he released a new song called “Chrono Trigger”, I had to tune in and I was blown away with the results yet again. As soon as you press play, we’re greeted by some distorted 808s that quickly transition us into a soothing guitar progression that proceeds to lead us right into a fast-paced, upbeat drum line that really gets things moving and sets the tone of this record.

While this is happening, some retro-sounding synths are incorporated into the melody, adding some intriguing sounds to the already unbelievable instrumental. After letting the beat captivate every last ounce of your attention, Tommy comes in with a very interesting delivery full of energy and enthusiasm, giving us what reminds me to be a cross between The Ramones and MGMT, two legendary bands who I respect very highly.

He utilizes some incredible vocal layers that help bring the vigor of this record to new heights, and this liveliness doesn’t ever decline even slightly throughout this track for even a moment, remaining consistent and compelling throughout the entire duration of this record. Tommy might be an artist whose discography I’ll still have to dig deeper into, but I’ve been nothing short of impressed with every song I’ve heard so far. “Chrono Trigger” is no different, making it a track you’re going to want to check out as soon as you get the chance.