Chrome Heart Lens – [Lil Tracy]

Versatility is always something I look for and respect from artists because doing the same thing repeatedly time and time again will only appeal to fans for so long. While Lil Tracy’s following might be more cult than mainstream, his dexterous deliveries and wild experimentations have accrued more and more admirers to his fanbase, and they’ve stuck with him the entire time because they know that he’s always got something inventive and brilliant up his sleeve.

As for his most recent release, he dropped a track entitled “Chrome Heart Lens” and a music video to accompany it. Obviously, if you know anything about Tracy, you know that he’s no stranger to designer goods, and with references galore throughout his discography, this mention of the designer brand Chrome Hearts is just another addition to his arsenal. Nagra and Ginseng got together to tag-team the production on this hit, providing us with some mischievous, almost less playful Curb Your Enthusiasm-like strings or synths of some sort that are elevated by crispy hats and claps as well as subdued, background 808s that hit at the perfect moment.

Tracy raises his tone to complement the instrumental perfectly, providing us with some incredibly unique autotuned vocals that are as playful as they are intricate. While he’s a bit less sing-songy throughout the first half, he begins to put forth slightly more effort about halfway through his verse, referencing Rihanna’s popular song “Work” as he continues to change things up moving forward. All in all, Tracy delivers some braggadocious bars referencing designer goods, the plethora of women in his life, and his abundance of wealth while also sprinkling in other hints that describe his rags to riches lifestyle that he has worked hard to achieve.

When the Cian Moore-directed video begins, he is standing outside of a car eating a bag of chips as the camera looks down at him from a bird’s-eye view. As he enters the vehicle, cash is strewn about all over the ground and he’s wearing a fluffy fur coat with the hood up, covering his bright pink hair. As the scene begins to take shape, a variety of lovely Lingerie-wearing women walk into a photography studio, followed closely behind by Tracy himself. Photographers begin to snap some pictures as money falls from the ceiling, the girls begin to dance and twerk around him, and he recites his lyrics like a Rockstar.

Another photoshoot seems to be taking place simultaneously with an older woman, referencing one of the lines he spits about being with a cougar. Aside from these regularly repeating settings, Tracy takes us back out to the car where he hangs out with another lovely lady who seems to carelessly throw money out the window. Later on, he steps behind some sort of X-Ray machine that shows off the fact that his heart actually is chrome, rather than gold, as his lyrics suggest.

Lil Tracy proves time and time again that he’s one of the most unique and polarizing figures in the music industry. He does this through his descriptive wordplays and even more expressive outfits that are unlike anything you’d see walking down the street, yet he somehow manages to pull off all of these wild fits unlike anyone else I can imagine. His disposition on this record itself is bubbly and proud without being too conceited, even though I think he has definitely earned the right to be as cocky as he wants at this point in time. Lil Tracy is a legend in the underground, undeniably, and “Chrome Hearts Lens” proves this once again, so peep the new music video as soon as you get the chance.