CHOPSTICKS – [Pangeaux] [E the Profit] & [Logan Sherrick]

Kentucky’s rap scene seemed to go from virtually unrecognized completely to a place that started spitting out talent left and right, but you’re never going to hear me complain about emcees who are putting on for their city and really making a name for it in a world full of heavy-hitting hip-hop destinations like LA or NYC. E the Profit is someone who I was put onto a handful of months back, and after seeing just how diverse he can be in terms of deliveries and styles, I understood why he was receiving so much buzz from local and national media outlets.

Thanks to him I have found out about a slew of other Kentucky hitmakers like Pangeaux who I first tapped in with just the other week, but he is back and better than ever on their song “CHOPSTICKS” which also features Logan Sherrick. This one, produced by James Heaton, features an overly serene foundation thanks to soothing synths, thumping drums, and this infectious vocal chop that comes in at the perfect time to really help this beat ride out.

Pangeaux begins right off the bat, singing some soulfully charming notes prior to Logan coming in with a bit more of a gritty flow compared to the smoothness of Pang’s style. Then, E comes in to really round things out, showing off that he deserves every last bit of buzz that he has received in recent memory. Although the music scene in Kentucky is still on the rise, artists like Pangeaux and E are making the city proud while working with other remarkable talents like Logan, so make sure you tune into “CHOPSTICKS” as soon as you get the chance.