Choose Life – [POORSTACY] ft. [Travis Barker]

POORSTACY has been making waves in the music industry recently and I was honestly relatively unfamiliar with his work prior to hearing some of his collaborations with one of my favorite artists currently out, Iann Dior. Considering they both have similar emo Rap styles mixed with punk rock and a few other subgenres sprinkled in, it wasn’t a surprise that I became a fan of his right off the bat. He also continues to impress me with his most recent track entitled “Choose Life”, which also boasts a feature from the legendary drummer Travis Barker. The track begins right off the bat with rotating kick drums and snares that take turns creating the tempo as an electric guitar riffs. It’s immediately evident that this song is clearly closer to punk rock than any sort of Hip-Hop offering which actually appealed to me even more and brought about some nostalgia from back in the day when I used to listen heavily to the rock subgenre.

Right away, there’s a soundbite of a British man speaking that sounds as if he was on the radio in the 50’s considering there’s a lot of static and his words don’t come through as clearly as possible. When this voice clip finishes, the beat cuts out for a split second before coming in with more vigor and energy than ever, as STACY begins singing the hook in his punk-like style that has become ever so popular in the genre in recent years. There’s a filter over his voice that makes it sound as if there are some static and other impurities as he sings, but this is obviously a part of the style and it actually appeals heavily to me. I honestly think that without these effects, the song would lose an important element that is vital to its success. When the first chorus comes to a close and he goes in for his verse, the guitar tones down and STACY’s voice really shines through. You can feel the emotion behind every word as he sings along, and this passion goes a long way to truly sell the topics he goes into detail about. The main topics he’s discussing heavily revolve around the hopelessness he feels in his relationship. More specifically, he talks about constantly thinking about the situation he and his significant other are in, how they always fight, and how he just wants things to work out when he knows they never will.

Luckily, there’s also a music video that comes along with this track. It has heavy Lo-Fi vibes as homemade video clips take over and rapidly cut from one scene to another. One of the main settings is at some sort of party that STACY seems to be the leader of, as his friends dance around, drink, and smoke. Another scene that reoccurs shows the singer as the frontman of a band while singing his lyrics into a microphone. At first, it seems like he and his band are the only ones there, but soon enough it is revealed that he’s actually performing for the party that he’s throwing, and people look like they’re having the time of their lives. STACY’s visual aesthetic clearly matches his musical style considering he’s got eyeliner, painted nails, and just looks like he completely fits the part of a punk rock icon to a tee. The only times we see Travis Barker seem to be recordings that he sent himself, as he’s jamming out alone on his drum set with no one else in sight. Overall, the chaotic nature of the entire scene STACY creates makes this visual really pop, and I was definitely a big fan of it.

I was also a huge fan of the song itself, and I’m definitely looking forward to observing POORSTACY’s journey from here on out. In all honesty, I thought that when Lil Peep, unfortunately, passed away, so many emo/punk subgenres of Rap would fall by the wayside. Now, while I can’t sit here and say that artists nowadays are creating better music than Peep per se, I can definitively say that the subgenre is alive and well, and I can’t wait to see it develop even more. STACY has definitely become one of my favorites doing it in this day and age, and his future is as bright as he wants it to be. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Go and check out “Choose Life”, POORSTACY’s latest single with some incredible assistance from Travis Barker to see for yourself.