Chippi Chippi – [Sheck Wes]

Time and time again, Harlem mudboy Sheck Wes has shown out with some of the wildest videos we have ever seen, and the latest for Chippi Chippi fits into that category immediately. Courtesy of Cactus Jack’s go-to director known as White Trash Tyler, the simple yet horrifying concept set in a tropical location sees Sheck emerge out of a dark screen before looking like he has become possessed with a towel on his head and even petting a ‘Chippi Chippi’ basketball. This all may not make a lot of sense to start, but if you’re familiar with previous visuals such as Mo Bamba or Live SheckWes Die Sheck Wes, then you’re in for all the unusual-ness you could possibly withstand. Make sure to find out what I’m talking about below and stay posted for the next cut from Sheck very soon!

Directed by Sheck Wes & White Trash Tyler