Children of the Dark – [POORSTACY]

When thinking of all the moves that POORSTACY has made throughout his career, his transition is honestly quite impressive. He has always had a punk rock kind of aesthetic no matter what stage of his career he was in, but earlier on he was much more hip-hop forward. Whether he was rapping or singing, he always knew how to switch things up and keep things fresh, so as he progressed in his career, it wasn’t too surprising to me that he kind of ditched the hip-hop genre altogether to go all-in on rock.

I truly believe this was the right move because ever since he has narrowed his focus, he has been able to hone in on his true skills and bring out the most in his potential, but I have been a massive supporter regardless of the type of music he has made. After seeing him hype up his latest release entitled “Children of the Dark”, I couldn’t help but write about it and share it with you all because it’s just another hit in his arsenal. Produced by Drew Fulk and Zach Jones, this one utilizes an instrumental that is as rock-heavy as it can get with raging electric guitars and rambunctious drums that are a flawless base for STACY to show off his skills once again.

When he begins to sing, he starts out with a very subdued, almost spacey-like delivery that starts things out calmly even though you already know a storm is going to come sooner or later. As the guitar chords begin to elevate and get more enthusiastic, so does STACY, and this continues to trend upwards until we reach the pinnacle. When this happens, STACY full-on yells at the top of his lungs with so much passion and energy that it’s impossible to keep your heart rate at bay, giving you all the momentum you need to get through that last set at the gym or punch through a wall at a party.

As far as the Abraham Rasmussen-shot, self-directed music video, STACY finds himself trapped inside of a phone booth as a circle of characters lock arms and spin around him. While this is definitely an inventive take on the song, I wanted to leave that up to your own interpretation, so make sure you tune into that as well. While this song might be a little more out of the ordinary for a casual fan of Lyrical Lemonade and most of the music we post, I just truly love the creativity and differentiation that STACY uses in order to stay unique and in his own lane. Whether you’ve been a fan from the jump or you’re just finding out about him now, don’t miss out on STACY’s latest song and music video tandem “Children of the Dark”.