CHieftAiN – [Hadji Gaviota]

Queens, New York crooner Hadji Gaviota returns to the Lyrical Lemonade pages today with the release of his new single, “CHieftAiN.” Hadji is a great blend of the worlds of pop, hip-hop, rock, and others. The name of the song itself, “CHieftAiN,” is a meaning for “that ain’t it, chief,” which Hadji uses as a theme to narrate a story of a couple that doesn’t necessarily fit together. The couple goes through relationship obstacles ranging from jealousy, anxiety, and distance from each other. Producer Mike Mroz worked his magic and crafted a soothing beachy guitar sounds with jazzy chords and eclectic synths that pair well with Hadji’s melodies. This serves as a great single to get us ready for Hadji’s forthcoming project ‘ANCHORS’ that is due out this summer. I got the chance to hear some of the records early on his new project and can say that fans will be in for a treat when they are made public.

Stream Hadji Gaviota’s new single “CHieftAiN” below: