Chief Keef Launches New Record Label 43B, Signs Lil Gnar

I know I usually strictly write about new songs, videos, and albums that come out in order to put some new listeners on or to show some love to artists that I feel truly deserve it. At the same time, there are just some pieces of news that are simply too intriguing to me to not write about, and I enjoy doing pieces like this because it helps break up the monotony of writing that comes along every now and then.

Plus, I always love to see hometown heroes win, and I love to see artists that I heavily support get their own moment in the spotlight as well, so you can already assume that I wasn’t going to let the opportunity to talk about Chief Keef’s brand-new record label 43B slip through my fingers. In partnership with RBC Records/BMG, this label aims to give a platform and an opportunity to artists who are changing the trajectory of music as we know it, much like Sosa did when he took the world by storm over a decade ago.

43B actually stands for “Forget Everybody”, and this places heavy emphasis on being your own person, blazing your own trails, and not thinking about what the masses are going to like because if you believe in yourself and your sound and your talents, then the masses are going to rock with you regardless.

As far as signees go, only one has been named thus far, but considering that was Lil Gnar, I was absolutely elated to see him land on such an exciting opportunity and seize the moment. He is also going to bring some heavy star power to the label with the success he has seen over the past few years, not including the accomplishments he has received in terms of his clothing brand Gnarcotic and his skateboarding career.

Due to the fact that Keef had been independent for just about a decade, I think that he is going to be a very pivotal factor in ensuring that his signees know that it is an artist-first label, and I don’t see them trying to pull the wool over any young talent’s eyes just from waving a check in their direction.

I wish I had more information regarding the new label, but I am sure that the announcement itself is going to be minuscule compared to the massive moves they’re going to make in a matter of no time, so while we patiently wait to see what is first up for them, make sure to congratulate the iconic Chief Keef on this awesome endeavor as well as Lil Gnar for taking such a huge step in his own music career!