Chicago’s own UpAT2 and 1stfrom92 pair up on brand new ballad in “WHY?”

Stumbling upon some new R&B is always a treat. It’s a timeless genre that’s evolution has adjusted and expanded its audience steadily and timelessly. Chicago artist UpAT2 (formerly known as 2:AM) is evolving side by side with the genre, too. His latest track, “WHY?” satisfies all categories for a hit R&B track. With a massive assist from producer and fellow Chicagoan 1stfrom92, is an artistic masterpiece that emphasizes emotionally charged lyrics with a soft delivery that could only hit as hard as it does over the melodic instrumental.

I’m really hoping these two continue to work together, as 1stfrom92 is re-entering the R&B landscape after spending time working alongside some of the industry’s largest names at Atlantic. The two’s collaboration for this track makes it seem like a flawless fit that’ll only help each of their journeys going forward.

Check out “WHY?” on Spotify below!