Chicago’s LUCKI and Plu2o Nash collaborate on another hit in “Easy.”

Renowned Chicago producer and certified hit maker Plu2o Nash got the assists from city legend LUCKI and fellow produce Adio on the recent release titled “Easy.”

I’ve been listening to a lot of LUCKI recently ahead of his upcoming project release, and “Easy” has been one on consistent rotation. The beat by Plu2o Nash and Adio is flawless, hitting all the right facets instrumentally for LUCKI to do what he does best. It gives off an ethereal, outer-space feel that LUCKI seems to float on without effort.

“I can tell by the way you callin’ you worried about me, mama I’m gon’ be back they waiting for me.”

His unique ability to tell a story over a beat is something we rarely experience in the industry, and “Easy” is a perfect portrayal of that talent. Delivering short stories bar after bar, it feels like there are quotable, relatable references throughout the song’s short duration. Coincidentally, it seems like this is the case every time these two Chicago moguls collaborate, with similar feels in their other previous releases like “Charli Bmore” and “Live at the Roxy.”

This one’s going to be in my “On Repeat” playlist for the foreseeable future.

Check out the latest from Chicago’s finest in “Easy,” on Spotify below!