CheeseSteak – [Key] x [Jace]

Although they may not receive all the credit they deserve, the artists coming out the Two-9 camp are some of the most influential in today’s scene, acting as leading trendsetters right before our eyes. Today, two of these influential figures, Key! and Jace, join Lyrical Lemonade with their latest offering, “CheeseSteak”. Produced by a dream team of Ducko Mcfli, FranchsieDidIt, and Tee-WaTT, this track’s gritty energy and deeply-cut, hard-hitting production make for a highly-entertaining banger overall. Additionally, with the way that Key! and Jace are able to complement each other’s flows so seamlessly and bounce off of one another with lyrical acrobatics, “CheeseSteak” is able to establish itself as a hell of a single to continue the wave of success that they’re riding right now. Be sure to check out the Ducko Mcfli-directed visuals below and let us know what you think about this one in the comments.