Check out Pouya’s ‘Open Space’ interview with Mass Appeal

Just over a week has passed since South Florida emcee Pouya unleashed his 11-track solo-effort Five Five onto us, and after letting the world listen he is back in the spotlight on Mass Appeal’s ‘Open Space’ series. Starting out with a show of support for fellow SoundCloud talents Suicide Boys & Lil Xan, the 23-year-old went into more specifics on his early come-up with Fat Nick, explaining the meaning behind 5’5, his opinion on shorter artists in the scene and even how short Britney Spears is in person. The Miami Beach native has kept his nose to the grindstone since his emergence back in 2011 and with how booming the Florida scene has been in the last couple years, I still believe that Pouya is one of the most slept-on lyricists in the entire hip-hop community. That being said, peep his latest interview on ‘Open Space’ below and stream his Five Five album if you haven’t already done so.

Via: Mass Appeal