Check Out Lil Uzi Verts New Visualizer’s For His ‘Luv Is Rage 2’ Album

Lil Uzi Vert recently had an online contest to vote on which animated visual his fanbase wanted next from the LUR2 album, and today, he decided to drop the entire collection of new videos on us. The 16-track project is arguably his best & most successful release to date, and these insanely-creative visualizers from a variety of artists can only help push the album even further. Where do I start? Each animated cut is unique in its own way, such as the cartoon-combat in the visual for Two to the video game-like experience in UnFazed which looks like it could be straight out of a Sim’s game. Uzi has proved time and time again that his creativity and unique style has one of the largest impacts in the industry, and I have yet to see an artist pull-off something as entertaining as these videos. On that note, sit down and be sure to check out the entire playlist for Uzi’s LUR2 animation, you’ll sure be glad you did.

Animators: amthrupm, awralph, dreambiscuit, ged_kid, jayfurychz, jeron braxton, jjjjjohn, larryaxid, magnus atom, osea.n, poormarty, rhymezlikedimez, roughsketchz, versace versace