Check It Out – [Xavier Wulf]

Hailing from East Memphis, Xavier Wulf has been an undisputed staple in underground rap for quite some time now. He’s inarguably one of the trendsetting acts in the scene right now, and with the explosion of his song, “Check It Out”, alongside a well-deserved Skepta remix, Wulf clearly has no intent to slow down in 2018. Today, he revisits the hit song yet again with accompanying¬†visuals courtesy of frequent collaborator and standout director, Kariuki. At its very core, “Check It Out” is a song of menacing energy, claiming its territory with unforgiving melodies and Wulf’s signature, raw deliveries. Once paired with scenes of sold-out shows and dark alleys, these illustrative features are seamlessly translated to the big screen with compelling cinematography. The chemistry is clearly apparent between Kariuki and Xavier Wulf, so be sure to watch the new visuals for “Check It Out” below and let us know what you think in the comments!