Chicago’s best-kept secret, Eddie Burns, impresses with Demetruest on “CHECK IN”

This colorful release marks the pair’s second credited collaboration following their prior 2020 link-up on “POLKA DOT” and they did not disappoint in any way, shape, or form. When tuning into “CHECK IN” we’re met with a beautiful sonic atmosphere wrapped in Eddie’s signature bright and swung production, which embraces Demetruest’s show-stopping vocal runs. The track is truly an explosion of texture, which should come as no surprise if you’re familiar with Eddie’s decorated discography and collaborations. Beyond that, though, the track is a statement for Demetruest, who puts it all on the line with these otherworldly flows that coincide with a revolving door of emotive lyrics, which never near getting old nor growing stale throughout the track’s nearly 3-minute runtime. 

Eddie has long played an instrumental behind-the-scenes role in the come-up of some of the most exciting voices of our generation, like Clairo and Omar Apollo, to name a few, and in addition to that, almost seems as if he’s just perpetually on tour — most recently as the drummer for Dominic Fike at Camp Flog Gnaw this past weekend. With that being said, it’s time that his own personal output takes center stage. Locally – to Chicago – it almost seems as if he has his fingerprints over anything and everything that is making waves and pushing boundaries, particularly with his work on Qari’s cohesive album Stronghold, which was personally one of my favorite projects of 2022. The production on this album is purely next-level and pushes the already compelling voice and narration that Qari has previously delivered into a whole new dimension of excellence. This result is a common denominator in Eddie’s collaborations, which consistently nudge his collaborators into their prime with performances that reach into new pockets and energy that reach beyond what may be routine to them, and it always hits! This characteristic of his is a true testament to the inspiring worlds that his production paints. 

The aforementioned world-building production of Eddie Burns is on full display on “CHECK IN” where Demetruest offers – in my opinion – one of their most inspired performances, building off their already established chemistry. In all, the moving track is a shining display of the duo’s respective talent, and – to be honest – I’m really just counting down the days until it’s sitting pretty atop Spotify’s POLLEN editorial playlist. 

Tap in with Eddie Burns and Demetruest’s latest track, “CHECK IN” using the links below!



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