Cheat Codes – [BoodahDARR]

Milwaukee-native BoodahDarr is certainly no stranger to our pages, and today, he blessed his evergrowing fanbase with a fresh new project titled Cheat Codes. Coming in at 12 tracks strong, the album includes a couple of features including Freebies with Ju Preach and the undisputed standout record in Track Day with his go-to guy IshDarr. Adding to that, executive production came from Canis Major with additional work from Lean Beatz, Skinny MooXE, VZN & Provision who cooked up the mellow instrumental on the album-track Cheat Codes. Boodah is without-a-doubt one of the hardest names I’ve heard out of Milwaukee, and I am certain it’s only a matter of time before this man’s name starts popping up everywhere. That being said, kick off your weekend with the Cheat Codes album and check out more from BoodahDar on his SoundCloud right here.