Chase Shakur’s rise to stardom continues with “x’s n o’s.”

The most replayed album in my library is R&B star Chase Shakur’s It’ll Be Fine, a 2022 instant classic that’s propelled Chase into some of the top ranks in his respective genre. He recently strung together a couple more releases, (potentially hinting at a full project?), including what might be my new favorite track, in “x’s n o’s,” which dropped just last night.

I’m now convinced Chase can’t miss. 100% from the line. He has all the talent that an R&B singer could ask for, with a range that usually hovers around high notes and falsetto, and impeccable rhythmic delivery to emphasize his smoothest sounds in the right places. He apparently also has a knack for choosing the perfect instrumentals, as it seems almost every beat I hear, I love. This one in particular features a groovy, omnipresent feel that comes at the listener from all angles.

“x’s n o’s” is no different than his other work in the sense of overall greatness, and it actually might be up there with some other favorites of mine. The thing that sticks out to me most on this joint has to be the hook, which I replayed several times on first listen. It’s so hard to describe, but he just has an ear for what the audience wants to hear, and the hook is a perfect portrayal of that.

“Love like weed, I am the plug, I am the plug. My mind always on the drugs, like where ya love?”

Check out Chase’s “Xs and Os” before the rest of the world catches on.