Charmander – [Amine]

Amine is an artist who seems to never lack creativity and constantly brings something new, energetic, and always enjoyable to the table. Admittedly, I slept on him when he first took the scene by storm, and even when he was selected as a XXL Freshman a few years back, I still used my own ignorance as a reason to not want to give him the time of day. Still to this day, I seriously have no clue why I slept so long on the emcee, and ever since I finally tuned in, I’ve been playing catch up because I don’t want to miss another offering from this always versatile and captivating artist, and I feel like most other music fans would agree with me.

There’s never a shortage of inventiveness or personality when it comes to any of his songs, and his latest release “Charmander” is absolutely no different, while the Adam Daniel and Jack Begert-directed music video is something that you seriously need to check out immediately. When it begins, it looks as if Amine is on some sort of hiking expedition in a green-filled forest before things take a complete 180-degree turn and he finds himself beside a massive dog that is probably what we could imagine Clifford to look like if he wasn’t a fictional character.

As the song begins to unfold, the quick, up-tempo rhythm of the song is matched unbelievably well by fast-forwarded, hyperactive scenes that show Amine both dancing as well as reciting his lyrics with ease. Whether he’s hanging out with his girl inside, chopping wood like a lumberjack, working out in his garage, or hanging out in any of the aforementioned settings, there is no shortage of color as vibrant pigments take over each and every scene, making each one more captivating than the last. As with most offerings from Amine, it can be hard to truly capture just how amazing his releases are with words, so as I find myself struggling to do “Charmander” justice, I can’t stress enough that this is a visual you need to see for yourself to truly appreciate.