Charged Up – [Ronny J]

Super producer Ronny J is back with his highly anticipated project ‘Charged Up.” I’m a heavy advocate for producers on this level with bigger-named features under their belt to put out full albums. For his sophomore effort, Ronny enlists past collaborates such as Xxxtentacion and Wiz Khalifa, to newer names like Strangehuman, Snow Banks, and Ovi. Unlike a lot of producer albums, Ronny J is rapping himself on the majority of this record surprisingly. Out of the 14 tracks on ‘Charged Up’ only five feature another artist. If you’ve been a fan of the sounds and energy that emit from the other classic Ronny J production then this new album will find a home in your music library. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes is a short and easy listen for new and old listeners to get acclimated with.

Stream Ronny J’s sophomore project ‘Charged Up” for yourself after the break.